What is block chain and how does it work?

In short;


Block chain is blocks of transaction logs that are distributed to random (semi random) group of participants, and securely locked, encrypted using  network’s participants computation power.

Bitcoin uses this technology to keep Bitcoin safe, trust worthy.

There is a reward in finding the best and the most secure encryption within the participants group.  People who participate and use their computation power to encrypt is called Miners, and in Bitcoin they can earn 25 bit coins for encrypting these transaction logs.

There is no central bank or computer or person that manages these block, it’s distributed and stored on nodes.


Localization and bit of SEO

Internet is widely available worldwide no matter what language they may speak.


Then, why not make your website in multi languages?


ASP.Net come with great feature called resource files where you can store key and value per languages and locale (culture) you specify.

The use of resource file is straight forward and easy to implement.  But working with routing feature and making it SEO friendly takes few extra steps


and here is how.

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Coding Rule

My memo;

Just so we can have more easy to read code by having coding rules; here is mine.


local and only local variable is usually single letter or very short ones like, a, b, c, x etc.

Input variable names start with lower letter, full name, capital letter if it consist of more than 2 words, like isGood, nameOfFunction.

My own class names are all lower case, even if it is consists of more than 2 words.  Variable inside of classes have Capital letter starting like, City, Name, NameOfFunction etc.