Working on Custom Domain Name with Azure

When you make web app on Azure, it comes with , and if it’s demo site or for internal use, that’s fine as is.  But most of the time when you want to run your own web services you want to have your own domain names, and that’s what I cover today.

Now you can buy domain name from Azure and that may be the easiest way to map custom domain to your web app.

But, I have already purchase domain elsewhere, and your company may already have domain name.  Then we will need to work with DNS record to point domain name to appropriate place within Azure. (DNS, as a function, uses data records table and map domain name to IP addresses.)

Each DNS server provide different ways to edit, create record, so I will skip that part.

DNS has several record types, but for now, we just worry about A and CNAME record types.

To set A record, you need IP address of your web app.  I somehow came across bug?? with new Azure management portal site and had to use old portal in order to get IP address, and here is how;

Use this URL:

and continue to ignore new Azure Portal links, and move to Configure > domain names, then manage domains, there you should see the IP address for you to use for your A type record.

I don’t know if it’s my environment or bug at new Azure management portal, but I ll just go with whatever works, for sake of saving my time.

After setting A name for your root domain, www for your CNAME (or whatever you desire), wait for 5-10 minutes, then you should be good to go.


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