Languages to Cover

Ideally I want to offer my web service for all region, all languages, but not enough time and knowledge to do that.

I am thinking of which languages to cover for my website. According to, Top 10 languages used on Internet are;

English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Malaysian, Russian, French, Germany, others.

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Coding Rule

My memo;

Just so we can have more easy to read code by having coding rules; here is mine.


local and only local variable is usually single letter or very short ones like, a, b, c, x etc.

Input variable names start with lower letter, full name, capital letter if it consist of more than 2 words, like isGood, nameOfFunction.

My own class names are all lower case, even if it is consists of more than 2 words.  Variable inside of classes have Capital letter starting like, City, Name, NameOfFunction etc.