Preparing for Data Analytic

The 1 st step is preparing data and making data analysis plans.  Preparing what data for who and for and why?  and where? and of course what.

Understanding what data analytic can do:

Here are 4 things you can do by reading data.  Likely, what you are about to do (data analytic) and why you are about to read data will follow in one of these 4.

  1. Descriptive Analytic

  2. Diagnostic Analytic

  3. Predictive Analytic

  4. Prescriptive Analytic

Descriptive Analytic is just reading, what happen?  This is very basic and may be not so insightful yet first step of data analytic.  Data is everywhere and deep embedded into our lives, and a lot of people do descriptive analytic.  But unfortunately, no one is interested in what happened in past, since you can’t change things that happened.

Diagnostic Analytic is bit more interesting.  Reading data and understanding why it happen.  This is certainly more insightful than knowing just what happened.  You can learn from why it happen and may be prevent from same mistakes, if that was a mistake.  And if you found a reason why you were successful, that is great also, but unfortunately others ll soon find out how to out beat you.  It isn’t that black and white but success is relative comparative expression of positions.

Predictive Analytic is way more interesting and insightful.  This is reading data and predicting what will happen in future.   And this gets more complex as you need to fully understand surrounding environment (data) and know what they mean to your data.

Think of weather forecast. If they tell you it rained yesterday (descriptive analytic), how valuable is this insight?  If they tell you low pressure air moved in and it caused rain yesterday, how valuable is this insight?  It is good to know but not worthy once I know it.  If they tell you it will rain tomorrow because low pressure here and there, high pressure here and there and mountains and oceans, etc.

And what more, there is Prescriptive Analytic, which tells how you can make it happen by reading data. That is a master level data analytic professional.  If you can put these 4 things in steps and present with advises, you are the master of data analytic and hero.


First step is to

  • decide which of 4 analytic you are trying to do by reading your data
  • what data you need to achieve what you are trying to do
  • where and how you can get those data
  • and how to and who you need to present to by when

but do not yet decide what you action you expect from person you are presenting, that may drive your analytic conclusion to one sided, and that isn’t the proper position of data analytic.

Let’s talk about what data we need to achieve our data analytic objective next.

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