SEO Tutorial

This is a simple SEO tutorial for your web sites and services.

SEO is about making your web service (site) friendly to search engines.  Search engine is a machine with algorithm, so you must understand the algorithm AND have to make your web service friendly to real users too.   Both you and search engines are allies in a way, you and search engines are trying to make your service easy to read-and-find for users.

The core foundation is, “Be found and be understood”.

You need to have a way to let search engines know where things are, and let them properly understand what they are.

Be found; this is sitemap and links.

Be understood properly; that is HTML tags, and links.

There are two types of links, links within the your own site, links from and to outside of your site.

Google or other search engines want to index your site, if your site is valuable to their users.  With that said, I’ll cover how you can present your site that have value of 100, to be recognize as 100 or little more.  Please note that SEO cannot make your site 100 if the actual value is 50.

Index: SEO Tutorial

  1. Search Engines
  2. Sitemaps and other tools
  3. HTML Tags
  4. Meta Tags
  5. Monitoring and Optimizing

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