Azure Search, Deleting A Document

Here is how to delete a document in your Azure Search Index collection, using Azure Search SDK for .Net version 1.1.0


I shall put full run through tutorial on Azure Search .. soon soon.

Azure Search Autoindexing DocumentDB Data


Isn’t that nice, if you can sync (index) your DocumentDB data to Azure Search in auto schedule? Yap, so that’s what we will do today.  At the end, your DocumentDB data will automatically be indexed to Azure Search, and be able to search from Azure Search like you are searching DocumentDB data.

Azure Search Index DocumentDB Data on Schedule

Original and great walk through tutorial is here at   This is my version of walking through this tutorial.

Previously I have cover a bit about Azure Search and DocumentDB so if you are not too familiar with what they are and capable of, please refer to, Mastering Azure DocumentDB Part 1 and Mastering Azure Search.

To auto index your DocumentDB to Search, you need to have two things.  1 is data source and 2 is indexer.

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Mastering Azure Search

Azure Search is a great Search-as-a-service from Azure.  It is powerful yet easy to implement from not just ASP.Net C# but from other platforms too.

The service let you index data and let you do full text search or facet, with features like search scores and suggestions.

Refer to:

The service is fully available through REST API, or by using .NET SDK.  The full control over API is great, but me – lazy guy – will go with .NET SDK to implement first.

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