Hypothesis Driven Thinking

When you are to go after some issues or building strategies, one of the effective approach is to have hypotheses driving thinking.

What is hypotheses driving thinking?

That is to build the best guesstimated answers to occurring problems at that moment.

It is the best answer as of this moment snapshot.

As clean and effective data are generated as time goes by, the answer may be different from your hypotheses, and that’s even OK.  The hypotheses has a purpose as a guides to problem solving and not necessary need to be an answer.

Why is this good or need it?

Things are uncertain, not clear, there is no person that knows everything or can answer everything, therefore having hypotheses and start building data and strategy sometimes is the best you can do.

Good and not so good hypotheses.

Your good guesstimated answer can even be better one

by checking followings;

  • Think and see things from the other side.  Imagine being the user, being the competitor, being in the field.

  • Think and see things from two extreme sides.

  • Think and see things from clean start.  Forget everything you know and think for now, start fresh from zero.

And in order to solve problems, the hypotheses must drive actions. So, think about how you want to drive actions from your hypotheses too.

more to continue.


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