Return market


Return market.

Impact (Overview)

Return market is important because,

  • Customer experiences
  • Logistic efficiency

Customer experiences

Logistic efficiency

How much can we improve logistic operation by having separate return only Wearhouse?

Who are the players? (Market)


  • Free means, free to install, and sometimes it's not free to use.

AfterShip Returns Cente

  • Free, 9USD/month, 29USD/month, 99USD/month

Returnly: Returns Manager From $29/month. 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

  • 29USD/month, 59USD/month, 149USD/month

Return Prime: Order Return

  • Free

Rich Returns

  • 9USD/month, 29USD/month, 99USD/month, 199USD/month

Automated RMAs and Returns

  • 19.95USD/month

Clicksit Return Center

  • Free

Returns Management System

  • 19.99USD/month

ShippyPro ‑ Labels and Returns

  • Free

How can we help? (Speciality)

  • Customer support platform for returns.
  • Wearhouse operation for returns.

How can we make money? (Value)

  1. Platform usage (technology). <- core.
  2. Operation / Customer Service.
  3. Wearhouse (include Wearhouse operation).

Platform (Description)

What does the platform include?

  • Ticket management
  • Data integration
  • Agent feature
  • Return policy content
  • Return item management (inventory management)
  • Store credit management
  • Gift card integration
Published: 2021-09-28